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Level 2

Classical India is very rich in reflecting on Theory of Knowledge, particularly on the processes of knowing or Epistemology. 


All of our behaviour, verbal and non-verbal, is prompted by our knowledge of the world of our experience. We internalize or know the world directly or indirectly.  Directly through our senses, also called Perception, and indirectly through Inference, Analogy and Language.

Inference is one the greatest tools of knowing. It is used by a layman and expert alike; by scientists, social scientists, technicians, mathematicians, computer scientists, doctors, lawyers, judges, journalists, media people, aestheticians, philosophers, thinkers, by one and all.

Here is an opportunity to familiarize oneself with the Nature and Function of this great tool.

In Level-2, which is an Advanced Level Course, we will not only learn the entire process of inferring but also how to formulate that process in Navya Nyaya language. 

We will be reading the original Text of अनुमानखण्ड of न्यायासिद्धान्तमुक्तावलि of विश्वनाथपञ्चानन in this course. This Text is written in the Navya Nyaya Language. The Text will be provided to the participants.

Who can join?

One who has completed Navya Nyaya Theory of Inference (Level-1)

Mode of teaching 

Online on Zoom platform

Medium of teaching 


Frequency of Classes

Once a Week: Thursday, 6.30PM to 7.30PM IST.

Duration of the Course

Five - Six Months

Registration for Participants

You may register for this Course by sending a request mail to before 30th November, 2022.

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