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The blissful world of knowledge

awaits you!

We are an online learning institute, focussed on helping learners achieve an in-depth understanding of the layered world of Indian Knowledge Systems, in the simplest possible way.

Recorded Sessions

Have a busy week ahead? Plug in to the recorded sessions flexibly during your packed day when you feel like putting your grey cells to work. 

Live Lectures

Catch live online classes by signing up to the current courses. You get to attend regular lectures from our eminent faculty as per the program timetable.

Reading Material

Our faculty has recommended some great books and texts which can help you grasp the subjects faster during our sessions. You can get the full list here.

Choose your path to knowledge

There’s a deep sea of knowledge waiting. And we have just the right mix of paths which enable flexible learning to suit your busy schedules.

Why learn Indian Knowledge Systems?

Meet the immense power of your soul and learn the true meaning of consciousness.

Debate and deal with the inherent conflicts of life and understand its one true purpose.

Learn about the rich, varied and oldest heritage of the world.

Our Previous Workshops 

For over two decades we have been travelling the width and breadth of India to conduct focussed workshops and seminars. Here's a glimpse into a few of them.

Meet the Professors

Our faculty has earned mighty accolades in the world of Indian Philosophy. Vidya Vatika is their vision to make Indian Heritage accessible to a global audience and reach maximum number of people through it, as every one gets an equal opportunity to learn from the comfort of their own homes.

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Ready to start learning? Just fill up this form and we shall add you to our mailing list, so that whenever we come up with a new course, you’ll be in loop.

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Teacher's Training

Prof Ujjwala Jha (1959 - 2022)

Upcoming Courses

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